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Flaunt: Oakland-style Fashion Photography

3 Sep


“FLAUNT: an Oakland fashion photography show. October 2013. Oakland, CA.
Curated by Femme Cartel.

ART OPENING: An  Oakland art party (by Femme Cartel), beer garden (by Commonwealth), and local fashion show (by GG Page).  Saturday, October 5, 2013. 12-7pm. At Classic Cars West, 411 26th St  Oakland, CA 94612

  • 12-7pm: Gallery open with beer garden & art viewing/sales.

  • 3-7pm Official Femme Cartel ‘Flaunt’ Art Opening with 5pm Fashion show.

FREE | Bring cash/checks for art & cash for eats, sips, and photo booth.

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O A K L A N D   F A S H I O N : a photography show by Femme Cartel

Oakland, California

Oakland-based art curator duo “Femme Cartel” has assembled a photographic love letter to Oakland’s vibrant, diverse, creative nature. This photography show, at Classic Cars West through all of October,  flaunts Oakland in all of it’s confidence, diversity, hotness, risk-taking, soulfulness, beauty, complexity, and cutting edge creative rebellion.

The photos showcase the personal styles of Oakland’s finest exploring/honoring their identities through what they’re wearing and how they’re wearing it.  Rocking their own self-made fashions, or expressing their personalities through individualized and unique definitions of style and fashion. Highlighting the subversive power of self-styling, the show explores tensions between feminism and fashion, consumerism and fashion, and presents a colorful, creative challenge to the narrow world of fashion “do’s and don’ts” dictated by the mainstream media.

“We specifically sought out photography that celebrated confident, positive, zesty folks who are rocking their own version of personal style and flair, said Christina Bohn, one half of the Femme Cartel curatorial duo.

The art show, featuring work by a set of Oakland’s most loved photographers, will be open for a preview during Oakland’s First Friday event (5-9pm, Friday, October 4th). The official art opening party on Saturday, October 5th from 12-7pm will celebrate all things Oakland-style and includes a craft beer garden by Commonwealth, local vegan and meat eats, a sunny/outdoor ping pong table, a costume photo booth, and a hometown fashion show by GG Page.

Femme Cartel art openings are known as upbeat, diverse, bustling events.  

“It really doesn’t get any better than a Femme Cartel art party,” says Leanne “Elrod” Rodriguez, an artist who has shown frequently with Femme Cartel, “Our audience range is massive and the vibes are sensational. I can’t get enough of it.”

Themes have included “girly graffiti” paintings, “Naked lady” portraits, hip hop feminist collage, fashion illustration, and, most recently, a photographic love letter to the San Francisco foodie/cocktail culture(s).

While the quality of the art always comes first, Femme Cartel highlights female artists front and center. In June 2011, Femme Cartel formed to celebrate female artists, diversity, and contemporary urban art.

“In the mainstream art world, male artists are given a disproportionate share of the press attention, financial backing, and art shows,” explains Emily “Femily” Howe, the founder and co-curator of Femme Cartel, “we’re changing that—and much, much faster than anyone could have imagined.”

Since their beginnings, Femme Cartel has highlighted the work of over 90 female artists (plus youth artists as well as a few male artists with strong, relevant work.).

“Think about it,” says artist Leanne “Elrod” Rodriguez, “ If you’ve got some courageous female masterminds always bringing together a beautiful and insanely talented group of female artists, that is going to constantly produce some of the best art parties in the bay area, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.”


  • Abby Wilcox

  • Amanda Lopez

  • Bousa Concepts + GG Page

  • Caroline Egan Dahlberg

  • Chun-Mui Miller of OAK STREET STYLE

  • Flee Kieselhorst

  • Jamie Thrower

  • Kevin Brown

  • Meg Allen

  • Sarah Cross

  • Thomas Victor

See the list of all artists who have shown work with Femme Cartel.


Femme Cartel’s Emily “Femily” Howe & Christina Bohn: