Nearly 150 Instagrammers submit work

17 Apr

Nearly one hundred and fifty lovers of Instagram submitted more than a 1300 photographs for consideration for the photography show Femme Cartel is curating.

True to Femme Cartel’s mission,

  • 70% of the entrants are female
  • more than half identified as “artists of Color”
  • ~50% expressed another identity (such as queer, Oakland native)
  • ~50% said this would be their first time in an art show, and
  • 20 artists ID-ed as “youth”

While Femme Cartel highlights SF/Oakland-area artists, primarily, submissions came in from locations including Nigeria, Australia, Germany, Norway, Mexico, Canada, North Carolina, Texas, New York City, and LA.

On Saturday, April 19, the curators will review and select the artists for the show, which will take place at Rock Paper Scissors gallery in the heart of Oakland “first Fridays” Art Murmur. Shortly after selection, all artists will be notified via email.

Then, the Femme Cartel community and the public will be notified, first via the Femme Cartel newsletter. To find out which artists are selected for the show and to hear about other Femme Cartel shows, news, and opportunities, sign up for our old fashioned email newsletter! 

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