Tips: Balancing Art and Life

8 May

Quotations from from Real, Working Artists:


“Sixteen months ago I left my full time job to run my own photography business. It was simultaneously the most terrifying and the most empowering experience of my life. 

I have keep reminding myself of the many years of school, bad jobs, and other prep that went into getting me to this stage. Success or no, I never stop working.”

–Photographer Flee Kieselhorst


“I often get asked how I balance working full time and painting full time and I tell them that I might not sleep much, but I am happy.

My art is my reason for living, so I HAVE to do it.

The whole point is, JUST DO IT. Don’t let a little thing like working for the man hold you back from being an artist.”

–Artist Leanne “Elrod” Rodriguez



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