3 Mistakes with Galleries

28 Jun

To help you figure out the gallery world so that your work can really shine, we’ve polled some of our favorite art world folks to get their advice for you.

Tips on avoiding 3 big mistakes new artists make…with galleries:

1. (Dont get discouraged.) Submit to the right galleries. Don’t waste your time or get discouraged by approaching galleries who just don’t show your kind of work. Kristi at Rock Paper Scissors gallery says, “Be thorough! Do your research on the gallery specifics/call for art, what type of work is shown/desired.”

2. (Don’t be rude.) Be the kind of person galleries love working with! “Follow up and always punctually show for meetings,” Kristi advises, “Galleries have a tight schedule so be respectful and kind throughout the process. No gallery I know will work twice with a rude artist, no matter how great their work is.”

3. (Don’t be caught off guard by the gallery!) Know exactly what each art space expects. “Devour your contracts so there are no surprises and you are prepared for your obligations,” encourages Kristi.

 Rock on…

…and shine your art and message out there! …. Let us know in the comments if you have additional suggestions.

If you found these tips useful,

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