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Finding Your Fans

23 Jul


Find Your Biggest Fans (& Collectors).

To help you get your artwork into the hands and eyeballs of the people (collectors) who would buy it…we’ve polled some of our favorite art world pals to get their advice for you.

Before you get a gallery working for you, you should be hitting up contest watchers and Bay Area Art grind. Apply to everything. Especially New American Paintings. I got so many collectors and gallery inquiries from my feature in that publication.
-Jessica Hess, artist (art site)

Do you. Make your art visible. Be happy. Make friends. Make sacrifices. + Do you.
-Joanne Ludwig, curator, artist, and arts-events-maker (All Lady Warrior Zine + Art Show | Saturday, July 26)

…One thing Oakland likes/needs to some extent, needs, is free programing. By offering free space (in my shop/gallery) to host a free book shop, I created a “free program,” if you will, for my shoppers. They can buy and the can shop for something for free!
-Lisa Aurora Calderon, Gallery Owner (Naming Gallery Tilde vintage/contemporary boutique)


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