Femme Cartel celebrates emerging female artists, diversity, and contemporary art in the Bay Area. “In the mainstream art world, male artists are given a disproportionate share of the press attention, financial backing, and art shows,” explains Emily “Femily” Howe, the founder and co-curator, “we’re helping to change that.”

Since the beginning in 2011, Femme Cartel has highlighted the work of over 150 artists by hosting art shows in photography, paintings, murals, video art, illustration, graphic design, and sculpture. 

Femme Cartel also connects our artists with local business owners and spaces in need of fresh, local art of all kinds.

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Emily “Femily” Howe, a PR powerhouse and art lover, founded Femme Cartel in 2011. Shortly thereafter, creative tastemaker, jewelry artist, and Crown Nine shop manager Christina Bohn Silva began producing Femme Cartel with Femily.

Christina & Femily (photo by Betty Bigas); Femily & Christina (photo by Larkin Small)

Christina & Femily (photo by Betty Bigas); Femily & Christina (photo by Larkin Small)


  • Sound artist JAEGER co-produced the first art show, which also highlighted local female DJs and other musicians.
  • Femme Cartel artist Elrod named the event “Femme Cartel” and was our very first solo artist we represented.
  • Artist and curator Kimlynh Engebretson Chun has poured her heart and soul into co-producing Femme Cartel shows.