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Femme Cartel announces Graphic Artists

20 Jun


Saturday, July 9, 2-4pm. Second Saturday art opening.

Friday, August 5, evening hours. First Friday art closing.


Oakland-based art curator duo “Femme Cartel” has assembled a provocative poster art show that promises to move hearts, minds, and feet. This show — at Naming Gallery on 15th Street from the Second Saturday in July through the First Friday in August —  represents an inspired and conscious look at the current cultural moment, as our beloved city of Oakland struggles with violence and gentrification and, yet, hope; as the nation grapples with its largest mass shooting ever; and during the summer of an extremely controversial presidential primary.  

This Graphic Design Art Show features screen printing, street art posters, silk screening, woodblock prints, illustration and general graphic designery in printed poster form. While the themes are indeed diverse, the 18 carefully-selected pieces that comprise the show are connected by the theme of artists who convey political, uplifting and/or powerful messages that insist on a better world. Tender messages that whisper sit alongside forceful messages that demand.

“We specifically sought out work that would be stunning to look at from an art perspective as well as truly inspiring from a political and human standpoint,” said Christina Bohn, one half of the Femme Cartel curatorial duo.

In spite of themes that can push viewers to grapple with harder issues, Femme Cartel art openings are known as bustling, upbeat, and diverse events.  “It really doesn’t get any better than a Femme Cartel art opening,” says Leanne “Elrod” Rodriguez, an artist who has shown with Femme Cartel, “The audience range is massive and the vibes are sensational. I can’t get enough of it.”

While the quality of the art always comes first, Femme Cartel highlights female artists front and center. In June 2011, Femme Cartel formed to celebrate female artists, diversity, and contemporary urban art. “In the mainstream art world, male artists are given a disproportionate share of the press attention, financial backing, and art shows,” explains Emily “Femily” Howe, the founder and co-curator of Femme Cartel, “we’re changing that—and much, much faster than anyone could have imagined.” Since their beginnings, Femme Cartel has highlighted the work of over 200 female artists (plus youth artists as well as a few male artists with strong, relevant work.).


Femme Cartel is beyond thrilled to have selected the following artists:

  • Addendum24
  • Brittany Luby
  • Design Active Collective
  • Emily Cruz
  • Kelly Autumn
  • Krissy Teegerstrom
  • Lost Boy Illustrations
  • Mer Young
  • MF Urbi
  • Mimi Williams
  • Monica Magtoto
  • Oree Originol
  • Renee Castro
  • Vanessa “Agana” Espinoza

See the list of all artists who have shown work with Femme Cartel.


Femme Cartel: Emily Howe & Christina Bohn, 



13 Apr


for a Graphic Design Art Show by Femme Cartel

This Summer of 2016 Oakland art show will feature screen printing, silk screening, woodblock prints, illustration and general graphic designery in printed poster form. (For the show, you will need to print your piece at 11”x14”,  plus, sell a set of exclusive prints.)

femme cartel poster art

Big love to artists Favianna Rodriguez, Barbara Kruger, Melanie Cervantes and, and Nikki McClure for their inspired imagery.





The show, organized by Oakland-based Femme Cartel, will be an inspired and conscious look at the current moment, through poster art focused on what’s going on locally in our city of Oakland, nearby in California and in the Bay Area, and nationally in the heat of the summer leading up to the U.S. presidential election. This group art show will focus on art/designs with political, uplifting and or fierce messages that are on making the world a better place for all, especially on the following themes:

  • Femme/feminist issues,
  • Race/cultural politics,
  • Current social/political movements, and/or
  • Life and change in today’s exact moment in Oakland’s history.


  • If you have an idea you’d like to propose, email a link to your online portfolio or social media presence that represents the work you would create PLUS a quick note telling the curators your intended theme (or text if you’ve gotten that far) and the type of media (i.e. screen print, adobe InDesign, silk screening, hand painted) you’d like to do for the show.


  • APPLY TO BE IN THE SHOW: By 5/18/2016 at 6pm sharp.  
  • To keep the show cutting edge and relevant, all artists/designers are encouraged to make new, current work for this show. If you have something already created that you feel is current and is “poster art”, do submit it!
  • FIND OUT: By the end of May 2016: Femme Cartel will notify all applicants.




  • At the lady-run, super-fresh Naming Gallery, on 15th St in downtown Oakland.


  • Artist gets 50% of all work sold, including prints.
  • Femme Cartel will sell work on behalf of the artists. (All work must be for sale.)



Femme Cartel(.com) curates gorgeous, provocative contemporary art shows, mostly in Oakland and San Francisco, by kickass artists and designers who happen to be female.

Buy art from FLAUNT Oakland fashion photography show

14 Oct

price sheet 2    price sheet

New Artists Announced

19 Jul

Femme Cartel is excited to announce the artists who were selected to participate in the “Oakland Style” contemporary urban art photography show in October 2013.

The show will question, explore, and celebrate personal style, independence, fashion, and identity…in our vibrant, resilient, diverse, creative, stylin city of Oakland.

The photography highlights individuals living, working, playing, activating, flirting, and makin it happen in Downtown/Oakland Metro, Uptown, East Oakland, West Oakland, Jack London Square, Port of Oakland, North Oakland, Peralta Junction, Lake Merritt, China Hill and Temescal.

Congratulations, artists:

See the list of all artists who have shown work with Femme Cartel.

New web site for 2013

23 Dec

Until then, you may find us at the old Femme Cartel web site or in the Femme Cartel facebook community.